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Antiqued Metal



At Triple S Chemicals, we manufacture and supply chemicals for metal patinas, metal coloring, metal dyes, and antiquing solutions to oxidize copper, brass, and bronze as well as ferrous metals, galvanized metals, stainless steel, nickel, silver, zinc, zinc-dicasts, solder, tin, and aluminum. 



Our chemical patinas can alter the finish and color of metals, such as bluing steel, making copper green, or turning brass black.

Our basic raw chemicals for hot and cold patina recipes include Cupric Nitrate, Ferric Nitrate, Sulfurated Potash (Liver of Sulfur), Copper Sulfate, Sodium Sulfide, Titanium Dioxide, Silver Nitrate, Stannic Oxide, and many more. These basic chemicals are most commonly used by artists, sculptors, and architects to develop different patina chemical colors on Copper, Brass, Bronze, Steel, and other metals. We also manufacture our own Triple-S cold antiquing solutions: Blacks & Browns for Copper, Brass & Bronze, Rusty Patinas, Black on Stainless & Regular Steel, Pewter/Nickel on Copper, Brass & Bronze, Brown for Aluminum & Steel, Silver Look, Black on Silver, Black on Solder, Black on Nickel, Metallic Bronze & Brass Paint, primers, cleaners, lacquers & several different green patinas for rain gutters.

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70% & 99% 

In stock. All Sizes.

Limited quantities.
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We have been working with Simon and his team for several years now - They are very knowledgable and always point us in the right direction for our projects. Would highly recommend SSS Chemicals to everyone.

Ryan S.

5-stars (1).png

Simon and the staff were welcoming and knowledgeable; overall, my experience was unique. The team at Triple-S are honest and there to help; if you're looking for quality service, this is the place to go.

Dondiego C.

5-stars (1).png

Amazing place, service & staff. Helped me true everything I needed & had everything I ever needed. Walked me through whatever I didn't know how to use 100%.

Jerry B.

5-stars (1).png

I have done business with Triple S for years, but only when selected projects called for it. Yet they always remember my name and what products I’ve purchased before I tell them.
This past Friday they went way beyond the call of duty by delivering to my doorstep the sealer that I so desperately needed on the weekend to finish a renovation with a deadline. They are a small business with great customer service and values.

Kimberly H.

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