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About Triple-S Chemical

Our Story

Triple-S Chemical Products was founded in East Los Angeles in 1982 by Solomon Motamed.  An immigrant from Iran, Solomon brought his chemistry degree & background in electroplating to the US in 1979, where he opened a small electroplating business.  The business slowly evolved into a one stop shop for all things ‘Patina’ and today, we boast a wide variety of patina colors as well as customers all over the world. We also carry a long list of raw chemicals for foundries and artists with their own patina formulations.  In the early 2000s, Triple- S expanded to carry reactive concrete acid stains and sealers as well.  When Solomon passed away in 2006, his younger son Simon stepped in and has tried his very best to carry on Solomon’s legacy by staying true to his father’s mantra, ‘The Customer is King.’  To this day, we try to make him proud by keeping that sentiment at the forefront of our minds when helping any and all customers!      

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