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Triple-S BD- 264 is a non-fuming bright dip solution for copper, Brass or other copper alloys. Parts treated with BD- 264 will have very bright surfaces, which are clean and free from oxide films. In addition, a chromate film is deposited which provides good corrosion protection as well as providing a base for the bonding of paint.

Product Description


Operating Instructions:


The correct operating condition for BD- 264 solution is determined by the thickness of the oxide film to be removed and by the time available for treatment. Increases in concentration will increase the effectiveness of the solution and reduce the time required. If the concentration remains constant, the time required for complete oxide removal is in direct proportion to the thickness of the oxide coating. Parts should not be immersed longer than in necessary to achieve satisfactory results.



The information stated herein is based on information and tests we believe to be reliable. The accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed. Since conditions of use are outside our control, user shall, before using, determine the suitability of the product for his intended use and user assumes all risk and liability in connection therewith.


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