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Metal Oil for Patinas

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* Easier to apply and maintain than wax

* As long lasting as wax but more penetrating
* Special blend of UV & hardener additives for clear sealing alternative to wax * Clear lacquer may be added over dried and cured oil
* Oil may be applied over clear lacquer to protect & maintain clear coat
* May be applied with a soft cloth or brush to metal or patinead surface 

metal oil for patinas

Product Description




Apply the Metal Oil with a soft cloth or brush to the metal or dry patinead surface. Making sure the oil is not too cold; rub lightly with a soft cloth to remove brush marks. Allow 3 to 12 hours to dry. A second layer of oil may be applied. Lacquer or wax may also be applied over the dried oil after a 3-4 day cure time.


The oil application process described above may be an alternative to the wax maintenance procedures.

No protective sealer will last forever. A regular maintenance program is required for proper protection by waxing or oiling over the protective sealer.


Careful inspection of an outdoor sculpture should occur at least twice a year. Look closely at the areas where dirt is able to accumulate as this is where deterioration will originate. The sculpture should be cleaned and re-protected every six months. Not maintaining the sculp- ture on a regular schedule, using an inferior wax, or using inferior oil will result in surface and coatings failures.

It is advisable to maintain a record log, have a person trained in the inspection process and maintenance techniques, and have adequate supplies and equipment on hand to do the job. 


Price: 8 oz. jar = $18.00 // 1 gal. = $225

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