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Metal Wax for Patinas

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This is the fi­rst and only wax made for metal surfaces. The Metal Wax is made with binders, rust, and UV inhibitors. It is ideal for iron, steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and stainless steel. The wax is available in clear as well as many colors. Our Solvent Dye may be added for extra color or add your own pigments. We have blended the ­best waxes we know of for fi­nishing metal along with the most effective inhibitors, and then we added extra hardeners to create the ­first wax that is made just for metal. The wax creates a very beautiful, hard protective coating once cured. The wax will be soft in the container. The wax may be the only sealer used or a clear lacquer may be applied before the wax.  We have several colors of the wax.  Please inquire. 

Product Description


Price: 8 oz. jar = $33 // 32 oz. = $85

clear wax for patinas



Apply the wax to a warm or cold surface. Wax should only be used on a blue or green cold patina after you have applied at least two coats of either a solvent or water based clear coating. Allow each layer of clear coat to dry fully. Apply the wax to the surface. This wax works well when applied over another clear protective coating or used alone. It also is effective over a rusted surface or patina - although for outdoor rusted metal we recommend applying Metal Oil, then a clear top coat over the oil and then apply the wax. Stippling with a brush may be the preferred method of application so as to not create streaking on the surface. Apply a smooth ­lm of wax to the surface. Try not to let the clear wax fi­ll up in the recessed areas as it may turn white. Use a toothbrush or soft brush to remove the excess wax from these areas. When using the colored waxes the buildup in the recessed areas is desirable. Allow wax to dry less than 1 hour. A good rule of thumb is if wax comes off when you rub your ­finger over the surface it is too early to buff. When ready, buff with a microfi­ber cloth. Use a rag to smooth out the ridges. If you are applying the wax to a hot surface, let the surface cool down some. Do not apply the wax to extremely hot surfaces. Do not wait longer than about 1 hour to buff in most circumstance as the wax soon dries very hard. To apply multiple layers of wax, apply them very thinly and let each layer harden for a few hours before applying the next. For bronze, brass, copper, or the Metal Coatings with a crusty patina, you may choose not to use a clear coat at all because many lacquers and waxes can alter the color signifi­cantly. In that case, spray with Clear Guard lacquer.


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