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Rusty Red/Yellow- B is a unique formula to develop a very attractive rusted effect on copper/brass/bronze parts at room temperature.  The resulting color will not be uniform, it will vary in its intensity from a light rust color to a deeper tone.  It is widely used on lighting fixtures, lamps, sculptures, signs, hardware, furniture, etc...The surface will not chip, flake or peel.

Product Description




Clean the piece first with Cleaner #104.  Rinse with water and let the surface dry.   Apply either Rusty solution with brush, dip or spray 5-10 seconds and let it react. The desired finish will develop over the next few hours, as the piece continues to dry.  (If you rinse the piece after Rusty Red-B application, the resulting color will be a nice pinkish, copper look).  Once dry, lacquer the part with WSL- 55, Trilac-747 or AL-70 and let it air dry.  



The information stated herein is based on information and tests we believe to be reliable. The accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed. Since conditions of use are outside our control, user shall, before using, determine the suitability of the product for his intended use and user assumes all risk and liability in connection therewith.


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